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Holidays 2021

What a roller coaster it's been! This Holiday Mixology Class is an opportunity for you to gather with your coworkers, clients, friends, family, or complete strangers to learn about and sip drinks! Whether you're connection with people in different areas of the world, or a whole group at your home, or a solo flyer looking to have some holiday cheer with other fun-loving people, this is the class for you.

In this class we look at two different cocktail structures while incorporating flavors of the season including pumpkin spice, cranberry, rosemary, and more! In round three, you'll have an opportunity to customize one of those recipes using the skills you learned during class. The goal is to leave you empowered to create amazing, custom holiday cocktails at home all season long!

Ice & Alchemy Healthy Cocktail Class wit

New Class!

Mixologist + Health Coach

I’m joining forces with my wife Jess to share our expertise on how to avoid a bad hangover AND still accomplish your health & wellness goals while having FUN with friends. Jess is a Rockstar Holistic Health Coach with private clients around the globe, e-books, and an amazing podcast (Solo 2.0) with her sis. We've been making health-focused drinks during years of date-nights so in this class I’ll show you how to make the classic Moscow Mule and Margarita with zero sugar added + Jess will provide pre & post wellness drinking tips to stay on your A game the next day! In the 3rd round, you’ll make your own cocktail using your new skills! 

Due to our schedules we teach these group classes Wednesday - Friday; 5pm and 7pm PST time slots!

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 


Holiday Cocktail Class

Extended Through Jan 2021 for Holiday Parties!

It's that time of year! This class is perfect for connecting with friends, family, and colleagues when traveling may not be an option. Here, we look at two extremely versatile cocktail structures using holiday flavors of cranberry, rosemary, pumpkin spice, and more! We'll discuss how to set yourself up for success when entertaining as well as how to approach sugar-free options. Let the holidays begin!


Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Old Fashioned Cocktail on on wood table with big ice and orange twist


Cocktail Class

Learn two of the most iconic cocktail structures of all time, both featured in the first cocktail book ever printed back in 1862: The Tom Collins and Old Fashioned. As we mix, sip, deconstruct and reconstruct, you'll see why time and time bartenders all over the world return to these recipes for inspiration and proportions. Once you understand the language of these two very different cocktail structures, you'll be able to customize them in countless ways at home to any flavor profile or dinner theme.

Public Classes available on Thursdays at 3pm PST

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Pouring a margarita into a salt-rimmed glass with limes and tequila bottles in background


Cocktail Class

Prohibition, followed by WWII, decimated a thriving bar culture in the United States. Then in the 1940's, the Moscow Mule and Margarita hit the scene and have been staples ever since. We'll explore why these two cocktails have stood the test of time and how we can adapt them to modern palates, adjust their components and also discuss how to make a TRULY "Skinny Margarita".

Public Classes available on Fridays at 3pm PST

Private Classes of 6 or more available upon request

Top-down image of mint julep cocktail with crushed ice and mint garnish

Whiskey Cocktail Class 1

In this class we explore America's spirit, bourbon, while mixing and sipping two very different cocktails: the Mint Julep and the Whiskey Sour! We discuss the various techniques involved making these two drinks ("It's just muddling, how tough can it be?") and also look at the polarizing topic of using egg whites in cocktails and how to incorporate them properly in any sour variation you want! (Don't worry, using egg white is optional in this class!)

Public Classes available on Wednesdays at 3pm PST

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Gin Cocktail Class 1

Ah, gin. So delicious and so often misunderstood. Did you know that there are different styles of gin? Most of us are familiar with the London Dry Style (Tanqueray, Beefeater, etc.) but there is so much more and each of them has it's own voice! Here, we chat about magic cocktail proportions, what to expect from the different styles of gin, and how you might want to use them at your house. We explore the endless versatility of the Bee's Knees and the ultra-refreshing Eastside while using both Old Tom gin and another gin of your choice!

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Gin Cocktail served up in a cocktail glass with orange twist and bee pollen on a wooden bar top
Tiki Cocktail served up in a stemmed wooden cocktail cup with mint and orchid garnish with dark background


Cocktail Class 1

Let's travel to the Caribbean together where the r(h)um and how it is consumed is as unique as each island and town. These tropical drinks have been adulterated over the years to be overly sweetened using high-fructose corn syrup, blenders, and even artificial colors. That's not what these drinks were originally about! Caribbean and Tiki cocktails, when prepared correctly, are an immediate escape to nostalgic beaches and warm daydreams. Here, we're going to island-hop from Cuba (the Daiquiri) to Jamaica (Jamaican Rum Punch) to explore how these two cocktails and styles of rum are so different! Ready to set sail?

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Queen's Park Swizzle Tiki Cocktail with rattan-wrapped cup, muddled mint, crushed ice and mint garnish on bartop


Cocktail Class 2

So many more port towns, islands, and r(h)ums to explore! On this journey we start in Martinique to try French rhum agricole and sip the  alluring Ti' Punch before jetting down to Trinidad to master the balance of a Queen's Park Swizzle. These two entirely different cocktail recipes and spirits illustrate two very different ends of the flavor profile spectrum and broaden your horizons to what r(h)um cocktails should taste like!

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request 

Brunch Cocktail with champagne in gold leaf stemless flute glass on warm wood table

Brunch Cocktail Class 1

Forget breakfast, brunch is the most important meal! What better way to gather and set the tone for a long relaxing day of living life on your terms? In this class, we cover just two of of my favorite brunch cocktails: the French 75 and the Agua de Valencia. These two drinks are a refreshing break from the usual brunch go-to cocktails and allow a lot of opportunity to personalize your drink!

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request

Paloma cocktail Mixology Class 2

Agave Cocktail Class 1

Let's explore the wonderful world of agave by taking a look at tequila and mezcal! I get A LOT of questions about these so here's a class where we can learn and taste what differentiates these beautiful Mexican spirits. We'll be looking at two sunny-weather cocktails to cool you off as the weather gets warmer: the Paloma and Mexican Firing Squad! As always, you'll learn how to best customize these awesome cocktails to your preferred balance and flavors! 

Private Classes of 6 or more people available upon request

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