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My name is Josh Suchan and I am the founder and Chief Consultant of Ice & Alchemy, a thriving bar consulting firm in Los Angeles, California with multiple projects at any one time. In addition to my consulting and bar directing, I launched Virtual Mixology Classes as means to pivot my business during Covid-19 that have seen over 7,000 signups in less than one calendar year. My reach includes people on social media, home enthusiasts in my Virtual Mixology Classes, and other bar professionals who see what products I use and how I apply them. 

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22k+ Followers

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59.6% Male | 40.4% Female


1,000+ Newsletter Signups


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Blackened Whiskey

Post Type:  IG TV 

Likes:  249

Comments:  19

Sends:  25

Bookmarks:  24

Reach:  4,692

Impressions:  5,444


Cocktail and in-depth description of the spirit

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Tres Agaves


Post Type:  Image

Likes:  404

Comments:  22

Sends:  1

Bookmarks:  23

Reach: 7,304

Impressions: 8,925


Part of a longer

series of multiple


Four Roses Bourbon Influencer Partnershi


Four Roses


Post Type:  IG Reel

Likes:  392

Comments:  40

Views:  10.7k


One of five posts

for 2021 partnership

Coconut Passion fruit gastrique Julep 3.


Source One


Post Type:  Image

Likes:  328

Comments:  33

Sends:  8

Bookmarks:  11

Reach:  5,895

Impressions:  6,165


Part of a series using different spirits from the distillery

kah .jpg


KAH Tequila

Post Type:  Carousel Post

Likes:  749

Comments:  30

Sends:  3

Bookmarks:  6

Reach:  3,720

Impressions:  4,213

Ron Colon.jpg


Ron Colon


Post Type:  Image

Likes:  424

Comments:  38

Sends:  7

Bookmarks:  28

Reach:  5,314

Impressions:  6,169

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