Josh Suchan

F o u n d e r,  
C h i e f   C o n s u l t a n t

A University of Oregon Architecture graduate, Josh fell in love with the hospitality world in Portland, Oregon while navigating his professional options during the recession. After being introduced to his first Negroni, he was hooked and had to learn all he could about spirits, cocktails, their histories and modern trends. He was hired as part of the opening team at Pepe le Moko and had the opportunity to learn from his idol and friend, Jeffrey Morganthaler. 


After moving to Los Angeles in 2014, Josh quickly recognized the high demand for well-trained bartenders. While he managed bar programs he saw how each neighborhood had their own

micro-demographics and how those played a unique role in shaping each individual bar program. As he progressed, he quietly structured his formal consulting business.

Through Ice & Alchemy, Josh brings to life the vision and goals of restaurant and bar owners via unique beverage programs, drawing attention from multiple publications and LA's top food critic, the late Jonathan Gold. 


Sophia Oolie

C o n s u l t a n t, Trainer

Sophia Oolie is Mr Suchan's right-hand-woman and is involved with all aspects of each consultation project. She is an agave specialist and passionate trainer. When not assisting in Ice & Alchemy projects, she bartends part-time at Cabra, a rooftop bar and restaurant in downtown LA with celebrated chef-owner Stephanie Izard, enjoys time with her fluffball dog, Frankie, and attends educational industry events.