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Bar Consulting

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Whether you simply want an elevated menu or are under construction and need every aspect of the bar launch taken care of, Ice & Alchemy has the experience, knowledge, know-how, and network to get the job done. We specialize in high-volume craft cocktails that "WOW" guests and have created bar programs, family-owned and national corporate, ranging in concept, volume, demographic, budget, and timeline. We'll make your bar program an essential heartbeat to your business, enhance your guest experience, and maximize profitability.

We bring real, long-term success to your business by providing exceptional menus, in-depth training, cost control strategies, and clear systems and documents. We are in communication every step of the way throughout the process. Our order guides, inventory sheets, cost analysis, training materials, and customized 80-page bar book* lay the foundation for your unique bar. We're happy to discuss everything we can bring to the table during our discovery call!

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The first thing we want to do is understand your vision so that we can provide the best solution. While every project is incredibly unique, we have found that most consultations fit within three broad categories. These three categories can than be fine-tuned to fit your exact needs.



Ice & Alchemy wants to make quality menus and systems accessible to everyone regardless of budget! A Core Consultation is a perfect, affordable solution for any concept that wants an elevated cocktail menu. Here, we focus on the Core characteristics of the consultation: menu creation, tasting, training, and all of documents, order guides, and an illustrated bar book to set you up for success. This is your easy-to-follow roadmap and services to get your new, exciting bar program serving drinks quickly and accurately anywhere in the United States!


Most consultations fall into this category. A Full Consultation is a fully-customizable plan that we create from the ground up with you. This wholistic approach opens the door to our extensive list of pre-, during-, and post-launch services. 


The first six months to 1 year can be the most exciting and volatile time for any new concept as it grows and adjusts organically to demands and desires of the neighborhood. Once the initial consultation is complete, Ice & Alchemy is available to serve as your Contracted Beverage Director for 6-months to 1-yr contracts. In this role, we will continually manage costs, provide ongoing training, develop seasonal menus and innovate bar procedures for your bar program(s) to firmly establish your bar's longevity.

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"How much does an Ice & Alchemy Consultation Cost?"

Costs for Full Consultations typically hinge on three main elements: services requested; the type and number of cocktails; and the number of staff members to be trained. These elements help determine how many hours will be needed to develop recipes, source all necessary items, create systems, documents, train staff, launch, provide post-launch support, and any other requests you request. Existing restaurants/bars typically have a lighter scope of work than a full build-out. We will cover these parameters during our discovery call and promptly send the custom proposal which can be fine-tuned as needed to fit your goals, timeframe, and budget so that it works for everyone. Set up a discovery call.

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"What if I'm on a tight
timeline or budget?"

Just because you might be on a tight timeline or budget doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to top-notch services. Ice & Alchemy has created an adaptable Core Consultation package that includes everything needed to launch an outstanding bar program. Because we have developed our processes over the years, we can provide you with amazing menus and systems without breaking the bank. If this sounds like you, reach out and we’ll explain everything included in this package.

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