Bar Consulting

Let's Get There Together

You have a vision for your bar program and want to hire someone who can get you there. In this industry, anyone can call themselves a "consultant", but how do you know what you're getting? Ice & Alchemy has the knowledge, know-how, and network to get the job done correctly and make your bar program an essential heartbeat to your business. 

"How much does it cost?"

Truth is, you get out of your bar program what you put into it. Therefore it's best to invest in the right consultant who can turn your vision into reality by building an exciting, sustainable bar program that maximizes your visibility, profits, and accelerates your ROI. Prices depend on the scope of work and services required. While it's impossible to give proposal estimates without knowing the details of your project, the best decision you can make as an owner/operator is to take meetings with several consultants with varying capabilities. Just make sure Ice & Alchemy is one of them! 


See you there!

Whether you're looking for a full consultation or a simple face-lift to your current cocktail program,

Ice & Alchemy the top choice for ideal results. Below is a list of services provided both in-house and via Ice & Alchemy's large professional network.

you'll have access to:

  • Expert knowledge of everything relating to cocktails, industry trends, and bar technique

  • A cocktail program that exemplifies your vision via a successful, sustainable business model

  • In-depth staff training

  • Bar design 

  • Best product pricing via established brand and vendor relationships

  • All ordering guides

  • Customized bar book

  • Photography, social media management and visibility

  • A clear approach so that mistakes during the process, prolonging opening process and exhausting funds, are avoided

  • Curated specialists including interior designers, liquor license brokers, hospitality project managers, wine sommeliers, sake sommeliers, and cicerones 

  • And more...

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Ice & Alchemy