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Mixology Classes

Level 2 Classes


In these 1.5 hour, new Level 2 classes we go beyond the fundamental structures and balancing of cocktails so that you can explore other ingredient and cocktail types! These are intended for people who have already taken at least one of my Level 1 classes as we will only briefly breeze over the fundamentals before diving into new flavors, ingredients, and structures. These are just as fun and educational as the Level 1 classes and created to take your cocktail-making skills to the next level!


Caribbean + Tiki 3

Here, we get to explore the Painkiller and Junglebird! Two very different and delicious cocktails that will a lot of fun to play with at home! One cocktail allows us to look at the delicate balance of a drink when there is no hard-core sour ingredient. The second looks at our first cocktail using an amaro (in this case, Campari) and how that plays with the structure and complexity of a cocktail.

We'll have a lot of fun tasting rum, understanding amari (plural for amaro), and showing you again that Tiki drinks can be balanced and delicious!

Minimum 6 people per group or equivalent payment thereof


A Shrub in My Drink??

I LOVE shrubs! These Colonial-era drinks use vinegar as part of their flavor profile to build acidity and balance a drink. They add a beautiful complexity. Shrubs have made a comeback and are being used in cocktails to add a beautiful complexity to any cocktail. They are extremely versatile and can be easily combined with soda water, any other soda, Champagne, or cocktails, and more, making them a great option for when you want a solid mocktail in the afternoon!

For this class, we'll make a spiced apple shrub and a lemongrass-rose shrub. I'm having you prep what I call "flash-shrubs", meaning you don't need to let them "marinate" for 2 - 30 days. You can make them the day of class and they will be delicious!

Minimum 6 people per group or equivalent payment thereof

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