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Ongoing/Seasonal Services Introduction Video Coming Soon!

Guests love to try new cocktails and experience fresh presentations at their favorite establishments. Ice & Alchemy provides clients with the option to have ongoing or seasonal support and menu changes to guarantee a high quality product and exceptional experience for your clientele.

These services are uniquely tailored to your needs. Some clients simply request recipes with training videos and they take care of the rest. Others want a quarterly on-site training to reinforce the cocktails and refresh the bartenders' technique and accuracy. Other clients want photography or videography for their marketing purposes. Like Full Consultations, these ongoing services can be endlessly customized to your exact goals.

Ongoing/Seasonal Services

Choose from the services below to create your perfect solution:


  • New cocktail recipes

  • Cocktail training videos

  • On-site menu training and/or bar technique refresher training

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Social media management

  • Brand ambassador introductions and collaborations 

  • Resume reviews of new potential hires

  • On-site check-ins, oversight and support 


Ongoing/Seasonal services are limited to only a few clients at a time. Contracts start at 6 months (2 menu changes beyond the original menu launch).

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