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Core Consultations

Our Core Consultation includes a streamlined list of our most commonly requested services. This is the perfect option for the client who is looking for menu development and templates designed to save you time, money and guide you toward long-term success. From a cocktail menu curated to your concept, to training videos of your menu and 30 days of support, our Core Consultation covers everything you need to launch your new, elevated menu. 


With our help, you can reduce the costs of bringing new staff up to speed and prevent the damage that can result from being inconsistent or under-prepared. Our Core Consultation provides you with the training assets you need to ease the on-boarding process of new employees, and keep everyone on the same page.

Included in a Core Consultation:


  • A discovery call for us to learn more about your concept

  • A cocktail menu curated to your concept and ideal pour cost

  • A training video of each selected cocktail

  • An interactive pre-tasting of the cocktails to select the recipes that best represent your concept

  • Order guides for suggested glassware and bar tools with links for easy purchasing

  • An illustrated bar book with recipes, FOH training documents, bar technique 101, spirits primer 101, a prep packet, and a classic cocktail matrix of over 75 cocktails

  • 30 days of remote support via phone, email, or Zoom

  • 30 days access to Ice & Alchemy's Bar Technique 101 training videos and quizzes

A Core Consultation is designed to bring you results quickly, accurately, and affordably. If you're looking for a more robust set of services, take a look at our Full Consultations page. In certain situations, we can add services from the Full Consultation into a Core Consultation so that you can get exactly what you need.

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