Virtual Mixology Classes

Make Better Cocktails at Home


In these FUN, interactive, and highly informative 1.5 hour classes you get to tap into my 13+ years of experience and learn to create better cocktails at home, every time! We first explore two classic cocktails, either "seemingly familiar" or less-familiar, using them as examples to the bigger picture: understanding cocktail structure so that when you leave the class you can create endless, customized cocktails at home. The third cocktail we make is an opportunity to employ the techniques learned in the class to create your own balanced custom cocktail. This creative process is what makes my classes unique from others found online and applies much of the same lessons I give to my bartenders when training/consulting. Let's learn the language of cocktails!

Options and Prices

Public Classes are $20 per person and held at 3pm PST every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday unless that time is booked by a private class. There is a 2-ticket minimum purchase to book on the Eventbrite page. If you're flying solo, awesome! Email me directly at and we'll find you an available class just like I'd find you a seat at one of my bars.

Private Classes are $25 per person and require a group of 6+ people. Private classes can choose any lesson plan at any day and time (based on availability)


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These virtual cocktail classes are an absolute BLAST!  Josh is high energy, fun, engaging, and knowledgable.  He’s part bartender, part wizard.  I have never in my life enjoyed a Mint Julep, but I sure as heck loved the one he taught us to make.


Remember, too, the magic of this is that people can join from anywhere.  Get your friends and family who are scattered about the country, heck…the world even…together to mix up drinks, experiment with ingredients, learn stuff, bond, and have a great time.  Just remember to hydrate!

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Some Corporate Clients Who've Joined the Fun!

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Common Mixology Class Questions

Is a Minimum or Maximum Amount of People that can Attend a Class?

Public classes are capped at 16 people to maintain an intimate and interactive atmosphere. This is a fun opportunity to meet people from all over the world! Private classes have a minimum of six people and have no limit to the number of people that you can invite.

I'm Planning a Virtual Event for my Office and/or Clients. Can We Have a Shorter Class to Plug into Our Larger Event?

I offer shorter lesson plans (30 minutes and 45 minutes) to plug into your corporate happy hours. We use your virtual classroom (Zoom, Google Meetups, etc.) and I come in for a portion of your happy hour to teach people how to make a drink or two. We cover the most applicable knowledge for customizing drinks at home so that your guests can continue to create drinks throughout your happy hour and beyond!

Does Ice & Alchemy Provide Non-Alcoholic Options

Yes, each class provides non-alcoholic options! In fact, these options allow you to participate in exact same techniques used in their boozy counterparts so you won't feel like you're simply mixing juices at the "kid's table".

Some People in my Group are in Different Time Zones/Countries. Can We Find a Class Time That Accommodates Us All?

Usually, yes! I've had people join from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Israel, India, New Zealand and more!

Does Ice & Alchemy Supply Kits or Ingredients?

At this time, Ice and Alchemy does not supply kits or ingredients. Instead, I provide recommendations and links to spirit brands and bar tools so that you can invest in your home bar at the level that best suits you. These classes and their corresponding cocktails are meant to be flexible so that you maximize your cocktail creation options at home! 

Can Anyone Under 21 Years Old Participate?

Sorry, no. I have nothing against the youth, but bar tops are safe havens for adults to get together and be adults!